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Image for Windows

Image for Windows is an affordable and reliable drive image backup and restore utility. Drive imaging from Windows is an easy and convenient way to backup all your hard drive's data and operating system partitions. Your backups can be saved to a set of files on local or network drives, or directly to most CD or DVD drives. Backups saved directly to CD/DVD are bootable by default, making a convenient recovery disc. Simply restore the the partition(s) you need to recover, and they will be completely restored back to the way they were when the backup was created.

Bonus: Image for Windows includes a copy of Image for DOS and Image for Linux!


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1 - 14 Licenses 32.41 GBP
15 - 24 Licenses 23.88 GBP
25 - 49 Licenses 18.61 GBP
50 - 99 Licenses 13.80 GBP
100 - 999 Licenses 10.57 GBP
1000+ Licenses 4.98 GBP
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