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MyBFL: A Body-for-Life companion

- Support for up to 5 users
- Use built-in Exercise Planner to plan upper body, lower body and aerobics exercises
- Use built-in Meal/Supplement Planner to plan meals and supplements
- Automatic plan-forwarding to avoid entering the plan every day
- Set alarm for rest period during the workout
- Set alarms for meals and supplements
- Set goals
- Record the repetitions, weights during and after the workout
- Track progress by recording measurements
- Customize the exercises and meals
- Use simple browser-like interface of included Desktop software to plan and record exercises and meals
- Use the PalmBFL Desktop software to print various reports

Disclaimer: EAS, Inc or Bill Philips does not endorse nor is associated with this software. Please do not contact them with any questions, comments or problems with the software.
Please use the software for your exercise and diet routine after consulting your physician. We do not assume any responsibility for use of the software.

Keeping with Body for Life program's philosophy, the proceedings from the sale of this software will be donated to CRY Organization, which helps underserved children (


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