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Trader Apps

Sign up and receive financial apps developed in the City of London by traders and investment wizards.

High intelligences - clever brains - PhDs, MIT Sloans - business school grads - trader wizards designed and developed apps you will receive.

Our fundamental belief is that:

Markets are rigged by the central banks money printing and negative real interest rates - therefore (as the IMF has already predicted will happen) stock prices, commodities and market indexes will swing violently over relatively short time periods as reality bites fiat money.

The volatily of markets will continue to rise.

We have developed apps using trading swing data to make short and long predictions, enabling the wider world to know and use what insiders already know and are trading.

The download provides your first PDF introduction to Shorts and Longs - extreme prices at both ends of current volatility.

When we see your purchase notification we will extract your email address (with your permission) and email you the first App with instructions. Please wait to receive these instructions.

The app can be installed on your iPhone or iPad without going through iTunes, and on any Nexus smart phone without going through Google Play. The app supplies you with extreme price spectrums updated weekly.

We look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber.


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$150.00 USD every three months. First payment due 360 days after purchase.

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