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The perfect solution for your research into American stocks with Excel with continuing access to our databases and spreadsheets downloads.

Excel database and spreadsheets helps you to correctly predict the movement of stock prices using volume signals, momentum and most oversold criteria.

Easy tracking stock histories with our ready to use formulas and tables.

Find the top highest momentum stocks (using Relative Strength Index scores).

Find the top highest price gainers % over your selected number of days.

Find potential recovery stocks - highest losers % over your selected number of days.

Find the top highest volume gainers % (todays volume/50 day average ratio).

Research stocks of interest to you with flexible combining of technical data values.

Easy pull up of latest price and volume trending charts.

Refresh your knowledge of Big Data Excel formulas and equations - easy to follow and copy.

Develop your own correlations and regressions, find recurring patterns and cycles.

Register with us and access the databases and spreadsheets all the time.

System requirements. Any version of Excel.

You will receive information electronically immediately after ordering!

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering!
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$240.00 USD
$169.95 USD every three months. First payment due 90 days after purchase.

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