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Diagram Studio 5.x

A picture is worth a thousand words. A clear, self-explanatory, striking picture – whether it’s a flowchart, diagram, illustration or technical drawing – may be worth a new contract, extra sales channels, more revenue, additional clientele. DiagramStudio is a tool that helps thousands of individuals and organizations create convincing, eloquent and visually appealing presentations. DiagramStudio comes with a comprehensive but rather unsophisticated set of tools that enable even the most “drawing-challenged” folks who hated their Art lessons, create impressive presentations. The program comes with over a hundred pre-defined symbols, numerous templates, including flowcharts of all sizes, automatic alignment and arrangement, internal editor of images with transparency support, full zoom and pan features and much more. For easy navigation, DiagramStudio offers Object Explorer, Rulers and Toolbars. Importantly, the program allows copying or exporting diagrams to any program that supports OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). Users can import graphics and clip-art to use in their diagrams. The diagrams can be exported as WEB graphics (JPG files), Windows bitmap and metafiles. The advantages of DiagramStudio are far too numerous to list. The program is can be tried free of charge for the entire duration of the evaluation period. DiagramStudio 3.0 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.


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