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Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine

Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine is the most advanced virtual drive recovery software available that surpasses in features and functionalities all the similar existing tools.

The software seamlessly recovers from the virtual drives created using virtualization software by VMware, ORACLE, and Microsoft

Key Features:

  • Supports recovery from virtual image files - .vmdk, .vdi and .vhd
  • Application wise File type support:
  • VMware Virtual Machine File Types - ‘Monolith Flat’, ‘Monolithic Sparse’, ‘Two GB Max Extent Flat’, and ‘Two GB Max Extent Sparse’ file types
  • ORACLE VirtualBox File Types - ‘Static’ and ‘Dynamic’
  • Windows VirtualPC File Types - ‘Fixed’ and ‘Dynamic’
  • Addresses all scenarios of data loss from the virtual drive – drive corruption, formatting or deletion of virtual volume or disk on virtual machine,direct deletion of files and folders
  • Can save the scan result of the virtual machine drive and start recovery at any later point of time from the image so created
  • Supports recovery of virtual drive volumes irrespective of the fact whether it is created on Windows or Linux OS


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