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comparepdfcmd (console-command line-program for Windows)

comparepdfcmd can say whether two PDFs are the same or different, and it can optionally output one or more reports that show any differences. The reports can be textual in .csv (Excel) format and visual in .png and .pdf format. Multiple reports can be output at the same time.

Comparisons can be made based on the text regardless of layout, or based on appearance (which accounts for fonts, colors, layout, diagrams, images, etc.).

comparepdfcmd is useful for anyone who needs to compare PDF documents, reports, books, or labels—for example, archivists, engineers, journalists, packagers, publishers, researchers, software testers, and translators. comparepdfcmd is used by many kinds of organization, including banks, insurance companies, and Government.

(If you require an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) tool, use our ComparePDF application.)


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