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Fractal Tune Smithy

Create beautiful fractal music intricate as snowflakes. Choose or play a short musical phrase as the seed, vary the parameters, and transform it into a tracery of music! Explore historical, modern, world, and exotic tunings. Play the notes from your mouse or PC keyboard as well as a music keyboard. Play background rhythms, including polyrhythms - and chord progressions for practice sessions. Transcribe bird song. Much more.

Use this order page to purchase any of the Tune Smithy tasks.

Order types required:

PLAY also unlocks Bounce Metronome Pro and MIDI SAVE unlocks Bounce Metronome Basic.

* Fractal Player - PLAY
* Fractal Composer - PLAY
* Many controls - PLAY
* Scale Composer - FREE
* Music Keyboard Retuning - Intro - MIDI RELAY
* Music Keyboard Retuning - MIDI RELAY
* Composition Retuning - MIDI RELAY
* Retuning Midi player - Intro - MIDI SAVE
* Retuning Midi player - MIDI SAVE
* Analyse Recording - FREE
* Analyse Midi Instr. - FREE
* Audio Pitch Tracer - MIDI RELAY
* Find Notes in Recording - MIDI RELAY
* Lambdoma - MIDI RELAY
* Lambdoma Music Therapy - MIDI RELAY
If you use Tune Smithy mainly for the music therapy task, please purchase here, so that Barbara Hero can be credited:

* Metronome & Polyrhythms - PLAY
* Chord Player - MIDI SAVE (to make midi clips)
* Mouse & PC Keyboard music - FREE
* Calculator - FREE

These prices cover all future updates of the main TUNE SMITHY program. The MIDI SAVE license will also unlock Bounce Metronome Basic. The PLAY license will also unlock Bounce Metronome Pro.


You will receive information electronically immediately after ordering!

Order Information

Order Type:
Complete ($49.00 USD)
Midi Save (also included in all the other order types) ($9.00 USD)
Play ($29.00 USD)
Midi Relaying (Midi In) ($30.00 USD)
Institutional or multi-user license ($99.00 USD)

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