Lahav's Guitar Scales - Hard Copy

Lahav's Guitar Scales

The method suggests Exercises and Scales.
The Exercises will help to assimilate the principles of practicing and playing scales
It is most recommending to keep on practicing those exercises as you progress playing the scales.
The Minor scales edited only as Natural-Minor Scales, this way the ascending fingering will serve
the descending.

All the scales in this method have been edited, as archetype patterns therefore should be played from other notes along the guitar's neck. You may find the Tab most useful for transpose and duplicate scales locations. Play each scale ascending and descending

As a main concept, don't stretch or strain the left-hand's fingers to reach a farther fret!
Instead, move the whole palm to a better location [A position I call: perfect balance] where
you will feel most comfortable pressing without involving lots of muscles and strains.

The Latin letters that indicate the left hand positions are applying to finger No. 1's location.
It is most recommended to progress this method, step by step, mastering the scales by heart and go back from time to time as you are diversify left hand fingering and patterns of rhythms. [Read more...]

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