April 23, 2013
9.0 version released
Added: Monitoring categories. Activity. New "Intensity" parameter. This parameter shows how intensively the user worked in periods of activity and can be a value from 1 to 10.
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November 14, 2012
8.7.6 version released
Added: Data export. Statistics. The ability to export statistics for all monitoring categories.
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October 29, 2012
8.7.5 version released
Changed: Monitoring categories. View data. The order of the columns changed. Columns, reflecting the main content of the operation moved to the first position.
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April 23, 2012
8.7 version released
Added: Tools. Statistics. Added new types of statistics for all monitoring categories.
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February 6, 2012
8.6 version released
Added: Tools. Reports. Database Name.
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November 30, 2011
8.5 version released
Added: Edit. Data Filter. Internet: Sites.
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What is StatWin and Why You Need It.

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Why StatWin Is Perfect for Corporate Information Security.

Using Groups
Using Groups for Precise User Activity Control.

Using Composite Groups
Using Composite Groups in StatWin.

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StatWin Server Enterprise
Personal computer systems made a quantum leap from primitive number crunching machines to modern entertainment and work environments capable of speeds hundred times higher than their predecessors. The increased productivity allowed more applications to be run on single computer at a time and with introduction of modern operating systems, multiple users got the chance to use the same computer with their own settings and data. Breathtaking facts! However, a new problem arises at this spot. How can we possibly control the behavior of such complex systems if we do not know who did what on a computer? If something happens to the system, how do we know it was Joe or John who read the dangerous e-mail message? How do we know which one of them does his job and which one is sitting idle or playing games, just pretending to be a workhorse? Security eXtensible Research Software is here to save the day. Introducing StatWin, a computer systems monitoring suite – your way to ultimate knowledge! StatWin operates in the following manner: a small module is installed on the computer that records all the actions users of this machine perform and allows administrator review them as reports in future. The reports window of StatWin offers a convenient category-based view to make the data most informative. StatWin is capable of reporting the following issues: the time a computer was on and \ or used by particular user, including idle and activity time; number of restarts and system crashes; information on programs and processes being run on a machine; detailed modem and local network activity as well as Internet activity, including amounts of data transferred and connections used; detailed printer and shared resources access information; mouse and keyboard usage stats! Besides that, StatWin allows secure remote administering (including direct administering of user rights over local network), stealth operation mode, files and registry keys protection!
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