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Optipe Data Tools Suite for Excel 2016

Data Tools Suite is an Excel add-in, which adds 15 applications and more than 30 new calculation functions for data and tables treatment and management. Data Tools Suite promotes and facilitates your work as a user of this popular Microsoft tool, so you can spend most of the time in what really adds value to your business: information analysis and decision-making. Data Tools Suite is installed in a few steps in Excel. You can access their applications at any time, since it is presented as a new Excel menu option. Multilanguage: Data Tools Suite is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian. Our website, videos and support are only available in English and Spanish. Who should use Data Tools Suite? Data Tools Suite is designed for those who: Use Excel for management of data and generate information for decision making. In their companies have organizational systems, ERP or similar, but require export data to Excel to build more developed analysis or criteria other than those provided by these systems. Perform operations on the data to prepare PivotTable as standardize texts, fill blank cells, group data from different sheets, among others. Waste valuable time performing routine tasks on the data in Excel. More than 50 video-examples to get the most out of all applications. This version works in Excel 2016 only.


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