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Proxy Mask

Access blocked websites, hide your IP address, surf anonymously without a trace on the Internet, bypass websites country restriction such as bbc iplayer, on YouTube (this Video Is Not Available In Your Country). Proxy Mask provides two options. 1- ) Proxy Switcher: check and connect to Internet through proxy server. 2- ) TOR anonymous Network:You can connect to the Internet through TOR anonymous Network with any web browsers. 1- ) Proxy checker and switcher: Every week on Sunday proxy list automatically updated with new and working proxies, also you can add IP:port proxy list from clipboard or from file. You can check and test 20 proxies parallelly. You can filter out proxy by type (HTTP, HTTPS), by country, by anonymity level (anonymous, transparent, elite) and sort proxies by type, by ip address, by uptime etc. You can define a proxy for all applications that use system proxy settings or you can use multiple proxies with different processes or web browsers at the same time. E.g. one for Firefox, another one for Chrome, in this way you can have two different IP addresses with two different web browser at the same time. Proxy Test Modes: Rapid, normal and Full test. Rapid: only checks whether proxy server is up or down (very fast), Normal: Checks websites connectivity through proxy server. Users can also enter a website URL to check connectivity through proxy to desired website, Full: Checks proxy anonymity type such as elite (high anonymous), anonymous and transparent proxy. 2- ) TOR anonymous Network: You can connect to the Internet through TOR anonymous Network with any web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.). You can choose multiple countries to get an available IP address and start surfing anonymously.


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