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ZIP Password Unlocker
ZIP Password Unlocker is to recover WinZIP/ZIP password for you to get into the archive. No matter how long or how complex your password is. This WinZIP/ZIP password recovery tool supports all versions of WinZIP/ZIP archives with powerful functions. In addition to brute-force attack, it also offers a brute-force with mask attack for if you still remember part of the password. It is fully customizable too for you are allowed to create a dictionary file for the program to base on. The program is super easy to use even a new user can get used to the program in less than a minute to recover the WinZIP/ZIP password. It supports all versions of WinZIP/ZIP archives. It’s also powerful enough to recover passwords of any strength. Even strong passwords can be recovered successfully. Passwords strength of weak, medium, or strong with length, complexity, and in different encoding method, either Unicode 8, ASCII and so on can be recovered, too. The program saves the recovery task for you. When the program is under a task and stopped, the program will save the project automatically. Next time, when the program is launched, it will ask you weather to continue the unfinished task, then you can select to continue the task, which won’t ruin the work. The password recovery tool offers three password recovery modes for selection. If you get to know some hints of the password, you are easy to recover the password with the ‘Brute-force with mask’ attack mode, which allows you to offer all you know to the program to maximize the working efficiency. If you are got to know what your password is coined with, some symbols of the password or what ever, it’s convenient for you to create a dictionary file for the converter to base on, which could incredibly help to recover the password both in speed and successful rate.
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