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SmartVizor Bill Statement Report Printing Software V26.5

SmartVizor is an all-in-one software application for the creation and production of variable-data, customized promotional and complex transaction document applications. Based on an windows operating architecture, SmartVizor offers ease-of-use combined with comprehensive design, data handling, job flow and production functionality. Features: 1: Single environment, all-in-one tool for layout, composition and production to streamline job flow and improve productivity 2: True GUI interface capabilities to empower non-technical users and reduce the cost of programming resources 3: Automated job flow to simplify complex tasks, integrate collaborative resources, and expedite work processes 4: Multiple data input and data output support for seamless integration and automation of data flow and improved data integrity 5: Advanced data integration and document composition for a high level of personalization and customization 6: Ease and speed of implementation to improve time-to-market and conversion of legacy applications 7: Platform and printer independence 8: Automated content approval and live proofing for quality control


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