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MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool PRO Version

Professional program for video quality measurements. Supports different input formats (video files, image sequences, AviSynth scripts) and metrics (PSNR, Delta, VQM, SSIM, MSU Blurring / Blocking, MSE, MSAD and others via open plug-in interface).

PRO Version Benefits:

  • Includes GUI PRO tool (no limitations)
  • Includes command line PRO tool (designed for batch processing)
  • Professional 10, 14, 16 and 32 bits color depth raw files support
  • HDTV, 4K, 8K support
  • Up to 12 times (!) faster with GPU support (NVIDIA) and with OpenCL support
  • Faster 64-bit version
  • Ability to save separate files with average metric values
  • Ability to calculate a set of metrics in several color spaces simultaneously
  • Additional documentation
  • Advanced customers support (up to tool customization)


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7 - 8 Licenses $399.00 USD
9 - 10 Licenses $349.00 USD
11+ Licenses $299.00 USD

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