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PilotEdit is a powerful file editor capable of editing huge files larger than 400GB (40 billion lines). PilotEdit provides the ability to edit, download, upload, sort and compare huge files.
. Edit huge files larger than 400GB (40 billion lines)
. Compare and merge two huge files larger than 100GB (10 billion lines).
. Code collapse.
. Self-defined file types and key words high-lightening.
. Input, delete, cut, copy and paste in HEX mode.
. Column mode and Word wrap
. Endless undo/redo even after you switching between text mode and HEX mode
. Edit, download and upload huge FTP files
. Find/replace multiple-line text directly through regular expression.
. Compare two directories.
. Add a pre-defined string from string table by just one click.
. Regular expression and multiple-line text support.
. Define the frequently used regular expressions in script files and process files automatically.
. File group enable you to open multiple files by just one click.
. Find/replace in multiple directories
. Sort
. Find/remove duplicate lines
. Extract Strings by copying the target strings matching the regular expression into clipboard.
. Text Formatting
. Edit, download and upload large files through SFTP
. Open huge files in quick mode
. Replace millions of strings in a huge file in quick mode.
. Support UNICODE files and DOS/UNIX files.
. Search in zip files.
. Regular expression generator.


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