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Manco .Net Licensing System - License Shop

License Shop is the web-based (Silverlight) tools for complete customer and license management. Using it you can issue licenses and keys outside your office just using any Silverlight-ready PC. You even can setup a bunch of sale persons around the world who will do it for you 24x7 just using single “License Shop” license. Just manage your sale persons to use “License Shop” on 1 in a time basis. We don’t allow concurrent using of the single license. But “License Shop” is not bound to the particular PC (it is bound to the AWS installation), so you can use single license anytime anywhere on 1 license - 1 concurrent connection basis.


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1 - 4 Licenses $59.95 USD
5 - 9 Licenses $54.95 USD
10 - 19 Licenses $49.95 USD
20+ Licenses $44.95 USD

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