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Encrypted RunAs

Encrypted RunAs allows administrators to select programs or scripts they or users want to run that require elevated rights, without having to inform users of the password or giving their account extra computer rights (Local Power or Local Administrator groups).

Encrypted RunAs creates encrypted text files that contain all the information required to run the program including the password. This can then be either clicked by a user on a local machine or added to a logon script making it ideal for software deployment and system administration uses.

Two versions are available depending on the license purchased. Single computer licenses can only use local accounts, the domain license can use domain accounts on your network. The trial version can only use local computer accounts and domain accounts and the shortcuts are only valid for 3 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have selected DOMAIN in the accounts section of the trial version, the purchase of a "x DOMAIN/Unlimited Computer license" will be required.


Encrypted Shortcuts - Administrators can give programs extra rights so they run correctly, and not having to add users to local admin/power groups. passwords are hidden from users view in encrypted files.

CRC - File fingerprinting is incorported to prevent files the shortcuts are pointing to from being switched or changed.

Account Verification - Accounts that Encrypted RunAs shortcuts use are verified before running the shortcut, to make sure the shortcut has not been moved to another machine.

Shortcut Management - Shortcuts can automatically be created in All Users Desktop and All User Programs, you can also find and delete all Encrypted Shortcuts created on a local machine.

Network Drive and Printer Re-Mapping - Any printers or network drives mapped to the current user are re-mapped when the Encrypted RunAs shortcut is run.


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