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MEDA MP3 Splitter

MEDA MP3 Splitter allows you to split MP3 files into smaller pieces MP3 of either equal, or custom size. MEDA MP3 Splitter comes with an an easy-to-use interface, that provides a wave form display to visually set your cut points. Additional features include drag and drop of cut points, ID3 tag editing for each cut and saving/loading cut points to or from a file. MEDA MP3 Splitter also includes a MP3 merger tool, and can convert MP3 to WAV. MEDA MP3 Splitter have a global wave form, you can drag the block point on the wave form to set current mp3 position.


* Very easy to use
* Suppor MPEG1 Layer3 Frame Format
* View the MP3 file using wave graphics
* Set the cut point Exactly and easily
* Set cut point by frame no
* Drag cut point as you want
* Play MP3 from everywhere
* Edit ID3 Tag on each split block
* Large mp3 file support (more than 700MB we have tested)
* Convert mp3 to wav
* Save cut points to a file
* Load cut points from a file
* Break mp3 file to average blocks
* A mp3 merger is build-in


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